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We strongly believe that a home must be integrated in a harmonic way in the environment, and with that idea in mind our design houses finish with the traditional idea of differentiate both. The use of glass allows us to break those barriers and fill every room with light, offering a freedom sensation never lived before to their inhabitants.

Luminosity, forms harmony, innovation… all of them are concepts that fly in each home of Cubus Designhaus, but they don’t make us to neglect a fundamental aspect: functionality.

We create homes where it’s very easy to live, where every need has been predicted and anticipated in order to offer the most efficient solution.

Samples of it are the natural isolations we’ve built, which together to the last advances in air conditioning, make our design houses a flag of energetic efficiency.

Minimizing the environmental impact and maximizing the saving. A challenge hard to overcome, but from which we are proud to have been able to give an answer to. It couldn’t be other way if we want our houses being integrated harmoniously and being respectful with the natural environment where they are located.

One last point that deserves a highlight are the finishes, a factor that often is the difference between the excellence and mediocrity. We believe firmly that is not possible to achieve the highest quality standards without taking maximum care of this aspect and, for this reason, we guarantee you that our design houses count with impeccable finishes, at the height it’s expectable for a house of this level.

At Cubus Designhaus we don’t limit to offer design houses. We create individualized environments. We create vital spaces with own personality that allow their inhabitants to feel at their home from the first minute. Because living is enjoying each little instant, we put our soul in trying that every minute at your home Cubus Designhaus be an unforgettable experience.